led corn light,led lamp

led corn light,led lamp

LED corn light,3.5w,67LEDs
Product Name: Corn Light
Product Type: OSK001
AC input voltage: 180~ 240v/AC 50-60HZ
AC input current: 33mA MAX
AC Power consumption: 3.0 ~ 3.5W / H
DC input voltage: 200V/DC
DC input current: 17mA/DC constant
Light emitting devices: high-performance high brightness led module,67leds
LED Color temperature: 3500K-4000K warm white / 6000k-6500k  white
/ Red / green / blue / yellow / purple
Luminous flux :300-340 lamp lumens (white)
Product Life:> 30,000 hours
The same brightness light source: 30W regular incandescent light, 13W ordinary energy-saving lamps
Waterproof Rating: indoor use
Ambient temperature: -30 ? +45 ?
Dimensions: 3.2cm * 10.4cm
Light weight: ? 60g

Product Description
1.LED DC-driven light source is low power devices, seismic, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable, regardless of heat, long life; lamp compact, safe and simple; style trendy, sophisticated technology, product line of.
2. Saving and environmental protection. Do not produce waste products, can all recall



Product Origin: china
Model Number: osk001
Brand Name:  

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